Hobby 540UL '97


Χρονολογία: 1/1997,
Μικτό Βάρος: 1300 κιλά

SKU: 671935 Category:


Brand / Model: used caravan Hobby 540UL ’97.

Price: € 7,850
Category: Caravan
Date: 1/1997
Color: White
Gross Weight: 1300 kg
Beds: 4

It is a very spacious used caravan HOBBY with four beds and a large round seat at the back.
In addition, the caravan has various luxury accessories.

It is a used caravan without moisture and damage.

The caravan can optionally be delivered with a large service, or a small service.
The price includes a reference, a sticker and identified parts that need to be replaced.

For more information you can send an email or call 2610522740, 6947429338.


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