8 February 2021 Εξοικονόμηση χώρου στα τροχόσπιτα.

Space-saving solutions.

we have a bunch of nifty and easy caravan storage tips and space-saving solutions to help you out. Most are inexpensive, too. In fact, these tips are so handy that soon you might not recognise the inside of your van. It’s time to save some space… 1. Purchase collapsible products Get your hands on collapsible, […]

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3 February 2021 caravans Features.

caravans Features.

Caravans come in all different sizes and capacities with a lot of different features. Here’s a rundown of what they tend to have and what it means. CARAVANS FEATURES Berth. Usually from two to six and refers to the number of people the caravan can sleep. Five and six berths are normally geared up as […]

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3 February 2021 Τύποι τροχόσπιτων.

Best used caravans.

Best caravans Just visit first random campsite to see what is the most important in this form of turism. Fun and great relaxation is ensured only if you choose a good caravan. You can hear feverish discussions on the campsites about which caravans are the best. Among the companies involved in the production of caravans, […]

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