3 February 2021 Τύποι τροχόσπιτων.

Best used caravans.

Best caravans

Just visit first random campsite to see what is the most important in this form of turism. Fun and great relaxation is ensured only if you choose a good caravan. You can hear feverish discussions on the campsites about which caravans are the best.

Among the companies involved in the production of caravans, the best are Adria, Hymer, Hobby, Knaus and Cristall.

Today on the caravan market are mostly German and English companies. There’re only a few producers in Poland, the majority of companies import new and second hand caravans from other countries. One exception would be Niewiadów Caravan Factory, which strives to meet the expectations of Polish fans of caravanning. This producer has been launching the caravans, known for its solidity and convenience, for over 40 years.

How do caravans look like?

Caravans are no motor vehicles adapted to living, which are attached to the car with a special hook. When on the road they are towed, but while on the parking, they can be detached from a car. This has some advantages. When you stay on the campsite a little bit longer, you can freely use your car without the necessity to pull your caravan everywhere you go. This solution is not for the people who own campers, in which the living space is permanently attached to the driver’s cab. The downside of having a caravan is that you need appropriately strong car which will be able to pull this “home”, and you can’t stay in the caravan while driving. This is for the safety of every caravanning enthusiast.

Caravans may differ both in size and standard. A particularly important aspect of any caravan is its chassis, on whose durability depends the safety of the travelers. Another aspect which is very important when it comes to the comfort would be solid shock-absorbers.

When you stay on the campsites, it is very important to have a comfortable caravan. Solid and tight body, as well as the necessary equipment constitute the basis for good holidays. Any, even the smallest and simplest caravan, must have in its facilities a place to sleep and rest, a bathroom, a kitchenette and simple furniture which allows to securely store the necessary equipment and clothing. Thanks to this the caravan creates something, what people often call “small, mobile apartment”.

Caravans and their types

Wide selection of caravans and their numerous kinds gives the enthusiasts of this form of tourism the ability to adjust them to their needs. But in order to choose well, we need to know the basic information about caravans.

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